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Our Story

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"Crema Ladies Networking Group is a highly successful networking group exclusively for women, dedicated to fostering professional growth, personal development, and strong connections among its members. Founded with the vision of creating a supportive and empowering space, Crema Ladies Networking Group has become a beacon for women from diverse backgrounds and industries. Through a wide range of events, workshops, and mentorship programs, the group encourages its members to unleash their full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve their career aspirations. With a vibrant and inclusive community, Crema Ladies Networking Group has made a significant impact on the lives of countless women, empowering them to thrive in their careers and make a lasting difference in their respective fields."

"Crema Ladies" vision and mission behind the group, the goals they aim to achieve, and the activities or events they organize to support and empower women in the Lake Nona area.

To learn more about the Crema Ladies' story, we recommend you click on the link below for further meetings. 

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Our mission is to foster a sense of support for ladies, encourage professional and personal growth through ongoing and stress-free knowledge mentorship; and focus on in-person empowerment via monthly fun, relaxed, and themed functions.


Our vision is to be a consistent and leading ladies' group in Central Florida, where we can engage and collaborate, feeling the most welcomed, embraced, gifted, and encouraged!

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Brenda Torres


Crema Ladies Director


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